Gary understands that the failing state of Louisiana’s infrastructure is literally killing people and must be overhauled, providing challenges as well as opportunity.

According to a report published by the Louisiana Section of American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE), the state of Louisiana received a D+ in infrastructure. The following list includes each area of Louisiana’s infrastructure and the grades assigned to each:
  1. In the area of Aviation, Louisiana received a C grade;

  2. Bridges in Louisiana received a D+;

  3. The Coastal Areas received the grade of D+;

  4. Louisiana’s Dams received the grade of C+;

  5. Louisiana’s Drinking Water received a D-;

  6. The Inland Waterways received a D-;

  7. Our Levees received a C;

  8. The roads received a D;

  9. The solid waste grade was a C+; and

  10. Our Wastewater received a C-.

Louisiana ranks 47th in economy and infrastructure and 48th in opportunity. In 2018, the median household income of the 250,000 people in the 2nd Congressional District was $38,131. Of that sample, the largest share of the population made less than $10,000 a year. A report conducted by the American Lung Association also found that several cities in Louisiana have some of the nation’s most widespread air pollution.

Gary understands that the failing state of Louisiana’s infrastructure is literally killing people and must be overhauled, providing challenges as well as opportunity. Creating healthy communities allows Lousisians to prosper and that means having access to clean air and water and updating our crumbling infrastructure. With this challenge, we also have the opportunity to create thousands of good paying jobs to build the next generation of infrastructure in Louisiana.

While passing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill in 2022 was a start, Gary believes that we cannot squander this once in a generation opportunity to help lift up Louisiana.  Creating bold, resilient infrastructure projects to help connect our communities and keep them safe is the objective.  Infrastructure built by and for Louisianians will help put people to work and create safer, healthier communities.  Investing in this generation’s infrastructure is critical.  Better public transit systems, regional rail to connect our communities and give people access to good paying jobs, and investing in alternative energy sources to preserve our planet are key ideas within the conversation on the next generation of infrastructure.

Gary is committed to advocating for and passing legislation for the following priorities:

  1. Ensuring that Louisiana continues to receive necessary funding from the federal government, like the $1 billion package going to Louisiana’s failing bridges.

  2. Advocating for more funding to services like Amtrak to increase the available non-car infrastructure available in-state to allow for easier travel for all Louisiana residents.

  3. Fighting to get federal funding to improve access to drinking water. In Louisiana, approximately 20% of parishes do not have access to the drinking water they need, which is often exacerbated by natural disasters.

  4. Focusing on infrastructure bills that bolster the environmental conditions for Louisianans while providing much needed services and getting more Louisianans employed by the federal government.


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